Magnetizing Your Heart For God

Magnetic fields with iron fillings 2 bar magnets

Iron filings showing magnetic field between two magnets. The stronger the magnet, the greater is the force.

The more you are aware of your sin, lack, inabilities, troubles, worries and concerns and not walking in the joy of Christ in you the hope of glory, the more you need your mind renewed into the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ where God reigns through born-again men and women and you are one of them.

God is always ready to help as you decide the work to move forward in Him. You take the right actions and He will help.

And if you are not born-again, or do not know if you a new creation in Christ Jesus, please contact me and let’s get that settled quickly.

Here is a simple prayer to learn more from God: “Father God, show me Your reality, and Your love in Jesus Christ. Meet me where I am, and in a way I can understand. Thank You.” Then go read the Gospel of John in the Bible.

And when you are ready to enter God’s great love plan for you: “Jesus, God raised You from the dead; You are Lord, and Owner of All. Fill me with Your Spirit to walk in Your love. Thank You!”

Now I suggest you go read the letter of James in the New Testament.

And if you are a Christian and not walking in this joy, then you need to do one of our books. Oh yeah, and if you do the “OK, GOD, Now What” heart magnet program, you will get to do the miracle stuff also. That comes with the territory of a right heart with God.

The good news is that in a “cramming” program, you can fill your cognitive mind with truth for effective ministry and prayer. But a heart that seeks the Lord always, continually, takes time and effort to build. That is the purpose of the Power Trilogy.

Thus you build a heart that is called a heart that walks in the righteousness of the Lord, and God describes this way:

Ps 112:7 “He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.”

It is not the absence of evil tidings that makes the difference, but how you respond to them. A heart fully magnetized in the Lord, seeks and trusts God continually. And the worse it gets, the more that one seeks and does the works of trusting the Lord.

Or as Jesse said, who does the OK, GOD, Now What heart magnetizing program:

“It used to be that whatever negative, or even slightly unhappy thing happened to me, my wife or my children, blew me around. I was like a piece of paper blown around in every ill wind. It took nothing to blow me up against the wall. But now, after doing the Affirmation Magnets in OK, GOD, Now What, whatever happens it is like I am now a flag attached to a strong and firmly planted flag pole. The wind blows, and I may flutter a little, but I am not going anywhere. I am firmly planted in the love of God and the strength of God’s might. And yes, we now see much more often, the hand of God in love and power. And the greater the wind, the stronger and straighter in God I get.”

Get the Power Trilogy:

We are destroyed, walk in failure, fear and confusion, by lack of knowledge and lies, not some administrative decision by God.

Do the right things and you will get the right results; do anything different and you will be unhappy sooner or later. Digital Universe.

Evil works inspired and powered by the devil are no match for the Living God, but they sure tempt fleshly leaky neurons, even in those spiritually righteous.

There are no wrong answers here, only seek more of Jesus who already paid for every failure we ever made, are making now, or will make. Since He was healed of it, so are you.

It will be shameful for you to show up on the Day of Judgment and see that every hardness of heart was already healed and waiting for you to do the right labour to get that hardness of heart healing already done in Jesus.

A Bible not devoured is like bags of seed stored away. The potential of God into the Earth is there, but never a harvest is made. Jesus is the Seed. The only soil that matters is your heart.

Keep Working the Word so God can Work!

God Bless You and Yours in the Name of Jesus to be more Noble in Him (Acts 17:11-12)

Jesus is Lord of Heaven and Earth!


Donald C. Mann

Speaker, teacher, navigator and author of:

OK, God, Now What? (

Discovering Our Redemption

Battle Prayer for Divine Healing-Field Manual 2


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