Faith Healing Miracle Testimony with Methods of Dominion Right On Time Part 1


Key to Miracle Prayer

Key to Miracle Prayer


Faith Healing Miracle Testimony with Methods of Dominion Right On Time: Part 1

Every man knows he is to worship God. But they don’t want to do that, so they worship something else. But the urge to worship is created in man. But the urge to have dominion is also in man, but he tries to exercise it through fallen-nature means, rather than through means and methods that God has provided as a born again person.

What position does a son of God occupy? It is a position of dominion. It is a position of authority for God.

Here is one example as I prayed over an email prayer request for a suffering and tormented little boy. I had just spoken by phone with this mother the day before, and she did not mention any of this. The email prayer request came earlier in the day, but I saw it just as I was going to bed. I sent an email right after I spoke over the situation as God would speak. “The pain and thrashing would go, the infections die and go, all the other infirmities would die and go, they would bow at the name of Jesus and obey; this boy will be healed and become normal in every way, then I commanded, RECEIVE, in the name of Jesus,” to release Holy Spirit into them.

I asked the mother to email me again to let me know what happened. In the morning I got an email that said, “I could tell when you prayed. Everything stopped shortly after you sent your email last night, telling me you had just spoken over this thing. This morning he started thrashing about again, but it stopped after I prayed once. Please keep speaking life.”

Here is my response:

I am glad we have proved the word of God is true. To put some helpful images in your mind because you are in the thick of it and can respond first. It takes effort, but you can step out of yourself in sympathy of poor suffering boy and poor suffering mom and this will never end, into compassion which demands the devil go.

It is kind of like I saw in a movie the other day, where a woman in hysterics shot and killed several wolves attacking her and her baby, which was a version of a true story. She knew she had to calm down and aim straight, and not just shoot in the direction of the wolves, but right at each one to kill it, while it charged at her. She overcame her fear because of love for her baby. She was the only difference between life and death at that moment, and she had to do her job, and she did. She killed 3 or 4 with her 6 gun, and had some shots to spare if they came back.

If a fearful mother can do it with a gun, we can do it with the name of Jesus, because it is not about our perfection, but His; it is not about our holiness, but His; it is not about our power, but His; it is not about our words, but His; it is not about our name, but His: it is not about our authority, but His. So if you can squirt bug spray on a bug, believing in the strength of the spray; you can put the name of Jesus on a symptom and everything behind it, and demand that demon go in a holy rage of determination (not fear) to go, and it will. A bullet comes out of gun with force, and so can the name of Jesus. Jesus can then make it happen because of your right words and attitude. Kind of like scrubbing a spot on the stove top, that refuses to move, but you keep at it with force, and it will go. Or, Get fed up enough to aim and fire as many times as needed.

Even as I was speaking over them that night, I kept getting sympathy images that I turned into compassion and being fed up enough that this devil had to go. I turned away from the mother and her child’s suffering to hating the torment of the devil, and exercised dominion over that thing in the name of Jesus. After I was done, I prayed in tongues a few minutes, and then headed to bed.

When I read the email the next morning, I repeated what I had done the night before, but a little more firmly or angry that it had come back, with the attitude of, “This stops now; so devil, you and your works go now, never to return, in the name of Jesus.” I had to rise up in my mind from, “Oh no,” to “Will God help?” to “This is enough, devil you go, now, in the name of Jesus.”

Before first I prayed, I was a bit overwhelmed with the situation. So my first action before praying was to say to myself something like this, to fill my immediate self with the presence of Holy Spirit to power the dominion of Jesus through me, over this situation. “You are supposed to do this; you are a Christian, anointed and called to do this. God has equipped you, you are ready to do it, and you should be doing it. God backs His word on my lips; He is my power, I am speaking for Him and He will do His word for He cannot lie. Believing is a verb so I say, thank You, Lord, this was healed by the stripes of Jesus 2000 years ago, and is waiting to manifest right now, so it will manifest now to Your joy Father. Thank You, Father for empowering Your word. Amen. I can act my way into believing quicker than I can believe my way into acting, so I will be the man of God I am made to be. Now devil, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus, and you will hear and obey the voice of the word of God on my lips, now Go, and this healing Be, in the name of Jesus. ”

Now you maybe would have done it differently, but I did not know I could call on you at midnight.

The above shows some of the methods I used. So what were my exact words in the prayer? They were something like this:

“Greater are You, Holy Spirit, that is in me than any demon work. This is nothing to You, or Your great power Holy Spirit. Father, I thank You that this is done in the stripes, blood and resurrection of Jesus, when Jesus bore this by His stripes, and when You, Father, had Holy Spirit raise Jesus from the dead. It is already done, Thank You. Father, You are in me by Holy Spirit to set ___ free now. ___, you are free NOW, in the name of Jesus. So devil, you hear and obey the voice of the word of God through me. I break your power over _________, and I command you devil, and all your works to get off of _____ right now, never to return, in the name of Jesus! The pain and thrashing will go, the infections die and go, autism and all the other infirmities will die and go, they all will bow at the name of Jesus and obey. Devils, go and never return; body, be whole; mind, be right; life of God, set ____ free. (Then I commanded a little more firmly:) RECIEVE in the name of Jesus! He will be healed and fully normal and a blessing in the house. Thank You, Father for doing Your word. Amen!” If I remember correctly, I then placed my fingers on the monitor with the email request and commanded life once again as a point of contact.

Next I did what John Lake said, “Now that we have prayed, let’s just believe the Lord for a few minutes.” This would include the faith actions of exuberant thanksgiving, calling those things that be not as if they are of the healing, along with praise and some rejoicing shouts. Then I spoke in tongues for a minute or so, as I headed to bed. I left with the attitude of, “OK, God, I put You on him, thank You, for doing ‘Your thing.’ Amen, it is done.”

Why did it come back in the morning? I don’t know. But what I do know is the temptation in the child came back, and this time the mother, knowing my speaking had worked the night before, took courage, and spoke to cast out the demons again. “Was it the same demon(s)?” No, I think it was a new one(s), but it knew what the others had done, so they copycatted the previous symptoms. It is not unusual for the symptoms to try to return, so be ready to exercise the authority of Jesus to exert dominion over the devil again and again. Sometimes this is just like cleaning a house. It is not the same dirt, but it is still dirt and it has to go out anyway.

I then repeated the faith actions and prayed in tongues for a few minutes. I did not touch the monitor with the email on it. I have no problem repeating this to add more zoe life until the report is that it is gone.

What do I do in the meantime, until full victory? Then I added them to my daily prayer list and command life into the child and then entire family. I told the mother to put her hands on the child, and command zoe life every time she touches the child. (This is a good practice whether they are sick or not.)

Healing is a process over time. Miracles are relatively instant. So until the healing or miracle is complete, putting zoe life into them helps the healing process and nurtures the word of God in them. The other is to obey Phil 4:4-9 whenever they have a concern that the healing is not yet done. That means to give thanks, calling those things that be not as if they are, for what is not yet manifest of God’s promises and reports. This can include regular affirmations such as, “Shut up devil, in the name of Jesus; this does work, ___ prayed, zoe life is moving and this devil will go, these lies will be destroyed. ____ is healed and walks free. I will keep working until it works. Thank You, Father; I will see this victory, in the name of Jesus.” Repeat whenever troubled that it is not working, or seems to be going slowly. This is how you do faith actions BEFORE and UNTIL the answer is completely manifest.

We were healed by the stripes of Jesus 2000 years ago (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24), but we continually need to reaffirm and enforce that report of the Lord over the report of present symptoms. When I proclaim Jesus is Lord, then these symptoms will go and life will be restored in full healing. Keep repeating until done. Do you have a better use for your mouth?

This is a method of pure dominion speaking of zoe life in the authority of Jesus. It was not reading about the authority of the believer, the name of Jesus and the work of the stripes of Jesus, but applying them to a situation until the devil bows and goes. Study without action is deception; study with action is the Kingdom of God manifesting in power. Sometimes I may use just one word, such as, “Be healed,” or “Freedom”  or “Jesus.” For shorter words, my intention is the content of the longer word. That night I used a longer word.

See Part 2 for the rest of this post.

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